So I’ve been thinking (dangerous, right?)

Httyd: ends with hiccup flying with all his friends

GOTF: flying with just toothless and looking fab and talking how the only things that comfort you from the cold are the things that you keep close to your heart (cue aaaaaawww ;)

Httyd 2: giving his dads dragon away, flying around looking awesome, staring majestically over the ocean while doing something else chiefing, catching a sheep for astrid, making all our feels and ovaries explode and talking about how they can stand against anything the world can pin against them THEN LANDING

Deblois has stated that hiccups opening scene in httyd 2 refers back to how he was flying off in he first SO WHAT DOES THE SECOND MOVIE SAY ABOUT THE THIRD?

What if all the running things (eg. Dodging the massive tail with the red death and bewilderbeast) go HORRIBLY WRONG in httyd 3. he didn’t die the first time, but the second time they made it along with hiccups shouts of “let’s do this one more time” AND IT’S NOW OR NEVER!”


httyd httyd 2 httyd 3 i need help